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Our programme

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Our programme

THE CORE AIM OF THE FOUNDATION is to assist the overall development of disabled children, their motor capabilities, emotional disposition and social interaction. >>>

OUR PROGRAMME comprises mutually enhancing and complementing hippotherapeutic rehabilitation and pedagogic action consisting of selected elements of the most effective forms of therapy.

Hippotherapy with its wide spectrum of influence acts as a "release" or a "catalyst", stimulating the development of disabled children.

PARENTS OF DISABLED CHILDREN are offered both individual and group  psychological help. This aims at supporting them in their everyday battling with the child's impairment, as well as teaching them how to manage emotions and how to constructively respond to difficult situations.

Within the scope of our activities:

  • we organise holidays with hippotherapy every year
  • we provide specialist training courses qualifying professional hippotherapists
  • we promote volunteer work, for both students and employed persons.

If you are:

  • looking for professional and effective therapy for your child
  • willing to qualify as a professional hippotherapist
  • willing to become a volunteer

please contact us:



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